Hosting your own environment?

Few companies realize the true cost of building & maintaining their own development environment. In our work, we see a lot of half-baked internal environments that lack the basics like backups and security, are not integrated or are outdated. Usually, responsibility for managing these environments falls on an individual developer- a hidden cost that slows projects, decreases productivity, frustrates developers, and risks major losses.

Don’t believe it? Consider the full cost of hosting your own development environment, and decide for yourself if moving to ToolsCloud is right for you:

US Pricing Internal server ToolsCloud Pro Tools
Initial setup cost
Server Purchase, External disks for backup, team hours for installation, team hours to configure and integrate tools
($8,500.00/36 months)
Internet connection with fixed IP $100 $0
Second Internet connection $100 $0
Team hours to manage the environment, update tools, handle backups, etc. $1,000
(10 hrs at $100/hr)
Air conditioning, eletricity, equipment maintainence $100 $100
Total Monthly $1,636/m $100/m

These costs reflect a low cost internal installation, without the security and high-availability that can be attained in a cloud environment. Burdening your development team with the responsibility of maintaining their tools has a huge opportunity cost- the cost of having your services down, distracting your team with infrastructure problems instead of focusing on your product.

Bring your project to ToolsCloud. We’ll help you save money, increase productivity and give your developers an environment they’ll be proud to work on.